Organic Aubergines

Organic farming means developing a mode of production of fresh vegetables and fruits paying maximum respect to the natural resources, in order to conserve the environment and protect the consumers’ health.

Like all varieties of fruit and vegetable products that are traded the most, even aubergines are now cultivated with organic methods paying maximum respect to the environment and to the products used, which are absolutely free from chemical substances. Nowadays, more attention is given to the organic farming and with this to the production of organic aubergines, as it produces fresh and high quality vegetables that come from a natural farming.

There are more and more producers of organic aubergines, importers of organic aubergines, exporters of organic aubergines, wholesalers of organic aubergines and retailers of organic aubergines that have embraced methods and values of the organic farming.

Fruit and vegetable products deriving from organic farming are obtained using methods that permit to use only substances of natural origin. It is an extremely important step for the consumer, as it outlines the quality of the process and of all the entities involved in the production of aubergines, guaranteed by the label of the organic fruit and vegetable product on the international market, with fruit and vegetable companies for the production of certified aubergines according to the EU norms of organic farming, to the European Regulation 2092/91, later annulled with the new CE 834/2007, created to protect the environment. The label, is thus a "certification" of valid, healthy and higher quality fruit and vegetable products.

The aubergine is a fruit and vegetable product very suitable to the methods used in organic farming, above all if cultivated in open fields in Summer, while it is difficult to cultivate it in Winter in greenhouses as it is a product typical of the hot season.

Among the varieties of aubergines that are more suitable to organic farming, the most popular are:

  • BLACK BEAUTY: medium-late vareity of aubergines round-ovoid, with a bright, very dark violet skin. The flesh is firm, with few seeds and has a little bitter taste.
  • LUNGA VIOLETTA SUPERPRECOCISSIMA: variety with a vigorous and very productive plant that produces elongated, violet aubergines.
  • MELANZANA TONDA BIANCA SFUMATA DI ROSA: round and quite large variety of aubergines. The skin is smooth but slightly ribbed, white with some pinkish nuances, the flesh is white with few seeds. This variety of aubergines is very tasty and has a good appearance for several cuisine recipes.

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