Organic Tomatoes

As all the other most sold crops, also the tomato is nowadays valued as an organic cultivation, in virtue of the existing phytosanitary products that help to protect the plants; in fact, consumers have become increasingly aware of organic farming and therefore of organic tomatoes, because it is a form of agriculture that aims at prevention and acts especially with the purpose to improve soil fertility and therefore to control, reduce or eliminate cultivation problems.
Soil reclamation, to reduce water stagnation, and rotations, to hold back weeds and pests and to increase the content of organic substances, are essential agronomic practices for a more correct and easier production of organic tomatoes.
The number of retailers of organic tomatoes, suppliers of organic tomatoes and wholesalers who deal with organic tomatoes, eliminating or minimizing the employment of chemical substances to protect tomatoes from diseases is increasingly growing: nowadays the trade of organic tomatoes is a rising sector.
The modern consumer, in fact considers more important the organic farming and thus supermarket chains lay down conditions to suppliers and distributors of tomatoes as to the employment of certain substances, as confirmed by GLOBALGAP directives.
If you want to grow organic tomatoes, it is really important to choose the right variety, because you will not have or barely have chemical “help”: varieties that do not need much fertilization, that are more resistant to diseases and pests and that develop fast and extensively are, of course, better than others.
The varieties that are usually used for the production of organic tomatoes, the trade of organic tomatoes, the processing of organic tomatoes and the distribution of organic tomatoes are the Magnum 955, Guadalete, Brigade, Snob, Totem and Red Fighter, of which we will report the morphological characteristics:

Magnum 955 is a good quality tomato variety with a good production level; it is a late tomato variety with a medium resistance to diseases and pests. It is suitable for any employment, however it is produced especially for the retailing and the consumption (production of organic tomatoes also through specialised wholesalers).
Guadalete is instead a tomato variety liable to rot, but has a good productivity level as to fruits. It is a suitable variety for the industrial processing of the tomato.
Brigade is a variety with a good productivity level, but grows at alternate periods; the fruit quality is excellent and it is a medium/early variety. It is also suitable for table consumption.
Snob, Totem and Red Fighter are quite good qualities, however they are liable to rot and are less resistant to diseases compared with the other varieties that we have already described.


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