Producers, farms, import/export of Peaches

Nowadays, there are many fruit and vegetable companies and agricultural entrepreneurs, working in the sector of fruit, fresh fruit, seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables and of products derived from the processing of fruits.
In particular, as mentioned before, the processing of peaches, the trade of peaches, the production of peaches and the sale of peaches are increasingly profitable activities for the fruit and vegetable sector: these are fruit and vegetable companies for the production of peaches and of other fruit and vegetable products, that have a EU certification.
Thanks to our yearbooks FruitNEWSLETTER and MEC Ortofrutticolo (and their digital versions) you can easily contact fruit and vegetable companies or obtain information about them.
In particular you can find a list of companies that:

  • produce peaches (certified companies for peaches, companies that produce specific varieties of peaches, fruit and vegetable companies, companies that produce organic peaches)
  • deal with the trade of peaches, retailers of peaches, wholesalers of peaches, import and export of peaches (importers of peaches and exporters of peaches and operators that deal with the wholesale of peaches)

Furthermore, as to this specific cultivation, very important in the fruit and vegetable sector, we give you the opportunity to access, the biggest search engine for fruit and vegetable companies all over the world, where you can obtain information on:

Easily accessible and always up-to-date. It is a list of companies for the production of peaches, the retailing of peaches, the sale of peaches, the import/export of peaches, the wholesale of peaches, and in general of any company present on the fruit and vegetable market that is involved in the production and the trade of peaches. Apart from companies involved in the European fruit and vegetable sector, of course you can find also lists and information on any company of the world fruit and vegetable market.
MEC Ortofrutticolo describes many varieties of peaches: for each specific variety of peaches, it indicates the agronomic and morphological characteristics, with a picture of the product.
MEC Ortofrutticolo shows a list of companies, such as producers of peaches, retailers of peaches, wholesalers of peaches, importers of peaches and exporters of peaches, specifying for each fruit and vegetable company its address and the website, so that you can contact directly the producer and the retailer of peaches and of organic peaches.

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