The production of Lemons

Lemons are cultivated almost everywhere in the world: at a global level, the production of lemons is esteemed (in 2012) to be of 4 million tons, with a slight decrease compared to past years because of more and more frequent drought and bitter cold phenomenon.
The lemon is cultivated the most in the subtropical zone of the world: the world productions of lemons and limes are centered in South America and in particular in Mexico and Argentina, where the climate is more suitable because of hot and humid weather. Mexico and Argentina produce respectively 12.7% and 10.3% of the total world production of lemons.
The major world producers of lemons are India (that produces 2,060,000 tons of lemons a year, about 16% of the world production of lemons and limes), Mexico (1,880,000 t), Argentina (1,260,000 t), followed by Brazil, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Cyprus, China, USA (above all Florida and California), Turkey, Iran and Italy (data from 2012).
The lemon is an important fruit and vegetable product which is also exported by many countries outside the European Union, above all during the "out of season" period of production for the EU.
In Italy lemons are grown mainly in the South of the country, and in particular in the regions of Sicily, Campania and Calabria. The Italian production of lemons addressed to the world fruit and vegetable market exceeds 580 tons of product (data from 2012).
Sicily represent the most important producer of lemons in the Mediterranean area, covering about 50% of the total production of lemons.

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