The trade, import and export of Salad

In Europe, the most high volumes of the production of salad are exported to the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Belgium, while Germany appears to be the country that imports the most , followed by the importations of salad of France and Englad. In general, in Europe, the import of salad, the import of iceberg salad and the import of lettuce have overall increased.

Italy is a great exporter of salad on the European fruit and vegetable market: with production of salads in greenhouses, to the markets of Germany and Austria.
Exports of Italian salad affect in particular some regions, more active in the sector of lcune regioni, più attive per exports, including Puglia, Marche and Abruzzo.
Instead, as to imports of fresh vegetables and fresh salad, Italy imports, on average around 3,000 tons a year, especially from France (data 2008) In Italy the . In Italia wholesale fruit and vegetable markets which absorb the largest amount of imports of European salad are, in descending order, Milan, Turin, Rome and Bologna, with a fivefold increase in prices at home..
The higher monthly per capitaconsumption of salad occurs in the United States, with about 11 kg, followed by France (about 7 kg), Italy (5 kg) and the Netherlands(3 kg).

Crotia in a great importer of salad, coming especially from Denmark.

In 2010, Spain exported 584,018 tons of lettuce, of which 381,027 tons of iceberg lettuce Considering the total amount exported, Germany and the Unite Kingdom were the main recipients of the Spanish esportations of salads : they alone account for 55% of theimports of salad in Europe. In particular, in 2008, German consumers bought 236,686 tons of lettuce, while the United Kingdom consumed 172,414 tons.
In Germany, theiceberg lettuceis 68% of the total consumption of fresh vegetables in leaves, with 3 kg per capita on total consumption of lettuce in the European fruit and vegetable market.

In 2011, the export of salad to Italy received a great boost thanks to low prices of the Netherlads: Italy became in this way the most natural destination for the export of Dutch salad. The volume of exported salad increased from 30 to 40% compared to the previous year (2010)
Because of very low prices, Italians gladly bought good quality Dutch fruit and vegetable products, even though Italy, sincethe high percentage of fruit and vegetable products produced and the records of production in almost all n quasi tutti i fruit and vegetable products cultivated, still remains a very small country that exports salad.

Also imports of salads and imports of fresh vegetablesimportazioni di insalata e le importazioni di verdura fresca in Ukraine increased more than twice during the firt quarter of 2011, and otal imports in the first 10 months of the season 2010/2011 showed a growth year after year by 80%, that is a record for theimports of fruit and vegetable products in the history of Ukraine.


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