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Eminenza is a melon with sewed net-like markings and a traditional ESL skin for growing in greenhouse, tunnel and small tunnel. Its earliness is intense as absolute earliness, that is, calculating the ripening days from the setting time. The Eminenza plant, on the other hand, has a strong structure with dark foliage and massive secondary fruit-bearing emission. The taste is unbeatable, perfect harmony between sugar and flavour quantities. The flesh is firm but not too much so, and it always maintains a pleasant juicy sensation. Excellent shelf life is added to this excellent quality, storable for long post-harvest periods. The external appearance is practically perfect: strong net, rounded form, tight green and persistent suture, traditional yellow colour. The aroma is also

Last update: 01/09/2011

Photo by: ENZA ZADEN ITALIA Socio Unico S.r.l.

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