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This bunch-type tomato is ideal for all kinds of green house cultivation. It has a very early cycle. The plant has a high yield and is very adaptable. The average weight of the fruit is around 130-150 grams and has a splendid bright colour. The bunches are extremely regular with a typical fishbone formation. The fruit keeps very well too.

Last update: 17/02/2009

Photo by: ENZA ZADEN ITALIA Socio Unico S.r.l.

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CAMONE (27/03/2013)

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BRIRED (16/02/2009)

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SAVORMANDE F.1 (06/02/2012)

TAKOMA F.1 (06/02/2012)

CHEROKEE F.1 (06/02/2012)

CABOTO F.1 (06/02/2012)

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