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Undetermined fresh market hybrid, in high demand by farmers seeking very large fruit with excellent organoleptic characteristics. Strong plant with excellent characteristics even at the level of a young plant with good aeration, high uniformity and abundant productivity during the entire growing cycle. The fruit, weighing about 300 gr, has excellent intense red colouring, a rounded shape and is always very uniform in terms of diameter. Optimum storability and excellent taste.

Last update: 01/09/2011

Photo by: OLTER S.r.l.

Last variety inserted

CAMONE (27/03/2013)

NARAM (14/06/2007)

BRIRED (16/02/2009)

POMODORO BIG RED (31/08/2011)

POMODORO MELODY (31/08/2011)


SAVORMANDE F.1 (06/02/2012)

TAKOMA F.1 (06/02/2012)

CHEROKEE F.1 (06/02/2012)

CABOTO F.1 (06/02/2012)

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