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Strong, regular plant, with shortened internodes and short leaves that facilitate aeration and light capture. The fruit, which is produced in bunches, is elegant, closely spaced, round and regular with a typical fishbone formation, uniformly sized with an average weight of 18-22 g and highly resistant to splitting. They are bright red in colour, with no trace of yellow halo. The taste is aromatic, with a good flavour and good "brix" content.

Last update: 15/02/2010

Photo by: DE RUITER SEMENTI S.r.l.

Last variety inserted

KARAKTER (14/06/2007)

ROMANA (14/06/2007)

SANTALINA (14/06/2007)

SUNSTREAM (14/06/2007)

DEDALO F.1 (21/03/2008)

ZEFFIRO F.1 (21/03/2008)

LAURINA F.1 (21/03/2008)

BIRIKINO F1 (15/02/2010)


POMODORO VISPO F.1 (28/02/2014)

POMODORO CLUSEE F.1 (28/02/2014)

POMODORO JAG 8810 (28/02/2014)

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