Organic Cabbage

Like all varieties of fruit and vegetables that are more traded, even cabbages are now evaluated from an organic point of view, in accordance with the possible parasite control done with available phytosanitary products; nowadays, more attention is given to organic farming and with it to the production of organic cabbage, as it is a farming that aims at prevention and acts especially to improve soil fertility, with the purpose to control, reduce or eliminate cultivation problems. Organic farming, in fact, does not use synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides and opposes in whole the introduction of GMOs. Organic farming, while supporting biodiversity, makes a responsible use of energy and natural resources, preserves water quality and improves soil fertility, contributes to the maintenance or to the restoration of the ecological balance of the territory.
In Italy, organic and biodynamic products such as organic cabbages, are certified by national control bodies, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture: they are characterized by more specific information in labels that allow a real traceability of organic products and of organic cabbage.
The choice of the variety of the organic cabbage represents a decision of great importance to the technical-economic success of cultivations, especially in low impact organic farming. The varieties of organic cabbages to plant, must necessarily have a greater resistance to attacks by insects to adverse metereological conditions, which could quickly damage the production of organic cabbage.
Varieties of organic cabbage that most fit to these requirements are:

  • CABBAGE HEAD STAR: this organic cabbage variety, has leaves layed out to form a tight mass, called ball or head; it is a green variety of cabbage, which has an aromatic flavour and whose leaves are regular, wholesome, healthy, clean, tender, and also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It has good organoleptic characteristic and has a resistance of 2-3 months after harvesting; it is usually stored at 0 °C, in the dark and it is more suitable for the great distribution and the wholesale of organic cabbages.
  • CABBAGE DACATO: this variety of organic cabbage is quite productive and has a great concentration of ripening. It has a compact roud-oval head and green leaves. It suits well for the fresh consumption andfor the wholesale of organic cabbages.


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