The trade of Cabbage

According to FAO, the world's largest producer of cauliflower is China, with a production of about 8,300,000 tons, about 46% of world production. Follows India, with 5,000,000 tons and Italy, which ranks third in the world production of cabbage and ranks first in the European production of cabbage, producing about 455,000 tons of cabbage on an area of about 18,000 hectares.
In Europe, the top three countries producers of cabbage are, after Italy, Spain, with around 440,000 tons, France, with 417,000 tons and Poland with 275,000 tons.
There has been also a significant increase in the production of cabbage in non-European countries, such as Ecuador and Bangladesh.
At European level, from 2004 to 2008, production increased in Poland, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands, while there were falls in the production of cabbage in the United Kingdom, Germany and Greece.
Foreign trade is totally among European contries. 77% of the Italian import comes from France and Germany, for an amount of slightly more than 8,000 tons, while export is mainly to Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic.
In 2010, there was a slow but steady growth in import of cabbage and in export of cabbage: of cabbage exportations worldwide, about 97% is directed to EU countries, large consumers of this winter vegetable, especially Germany, known and appreciated for its sauerkraut.
Also the trade of cabbage is in gradual and steady growth in all EU countries, but also in India and China, leaders in the trade of cabbage around the world.
Germany exported 27,179 tons of cauliflowers and broccoli, an increase of 6.2% compared with 25,500 tons exported in 2009. 97% of the volume exported in 2010 was directed to EU countries, but altogether, exports represented 18% of all the production of cauliflowers and broccoli.
The overall world consumption of cauliflowers tends to fluctuate year to year, without showing a clear trend. As happened to France, also the German exports of cauliflower and broccoli are rather unstable: however, in 2010 was recorded the highest volume of cauliflowers and broccoli exported to third countries over the last 5 years: 743 tons, the 20% more than the 613 tons exported in 2009.
Many companies are involved in the production of cabbage, in the import of cabbage and in the export of cabbage and other fruit and vegetable products: on you will find a list of all the world importers of cabbage, exporters of cabbage and other fruit and vegetable products.

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