Organic Apples

As for all fruits and vegetables, nowadays also in the sector of the production and the distribution of apples more attention is given to organic apples, result of a non-invasive farming that does not employs chemical products on plants to remove pests and diseases.
Nowadays, the producer of organic apples is a careful farmer who respects the environment and gets therefore many opportunities, that help to produce a more natural product that is not processed with chemical products and that is more respectful of the environment: these specific treatments permit to the farms which produce organic apples to be granted a certification with a special trademark which qualifies the organic characteristics of the product.
Also in this case, there are many varieties of organic apples that are beautiful and have a tempting taste: the Biomela apple, the Vog apple and many other organic apples are typical examples of the production of organic apples that are later distributed by wholesalers, farms and salespersons through the fruit and vegetable trade.
Many farmers and wholesalers of apples and other fruit and vegetable products commit to a fairer and more responsible agriculture, protecting apples and the other products without using chemical additives and pesticides.
Also the consumer has actually become more aware and sensitive to organic products, first of all to organic apples, present on the fruit and vegetable market during all the year thanks to the production, the distribution, the sale and the exportation done by farms, producers of organic apples, wholesalers who sale apples for the direct consumption or for the processing of the apples in the food industry.

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